Prostate Milking and Prostate Health

Prostate Milking and Prostate Health

The prostate is such a teasing little double-edged sword. It gives with one hand and takes with the other. When it comes to spicing up a man’s sex life, there’s no better way to do it than by prostate stimulation. We all know (or have heard) of the infamous prostate orgasm. It’s the one that will make you squirm, scream, see God, and forsake him at the same time because you now have a new religion, and it’s called prostate play.

But the prostate is also a fickle thing. For such a small gland, it can cause a lot of problems. It can swell up to twice its size, causing urinary issues. The swelling can also turn into chronic prostatitis, which will plague you like that one painfully annoying guy back in college who used to spoil everyone else’s fun. Remember him? Oh, he was the worst! 

And, of course, that’s nothing compared to prostate cancer, which is the biggest and the most life-threatening issue that can stem from the prostate gland. 

So when faced with such a bleak reality, most of us are quick to wonder — is there anything we can do? Well, we’re so glad you’ve asked. You can, indeed, do something. You can prevent prostate related illnesses one prostate orgasm at a time!

The Health Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy

Considering how many benefits there are to prostate massage therapy, it’s honestly mind-boggling that so few men engage in it. So let’s see what prostate milking can actually do for you (healthwise).

It Deals With Chronic Prostatitis

There are a few different ways you can go about prostate milking. You can use external massagers on the perineum to stimulate the prostate externally, for example. That might seem like a better option for those unwilling to get knuckles-deep in their own ass. But the other side of the prostate massage coin — the internal massage — is actually more effective. And you can only achieve it via anal penetration with fingers or a sex toy.

Chronic or regular prostatitis is swelling of the Pleasure Headquarters (the prostate gland). That’s one of the downsides of actually having this nugget of heavenly pleasure in your body. If it gets inflamed and swells, it will push down on the urinary tract. That, in turn, can cause you to have trouble urinating and Painful ejaculation

In other words, you might feel like there’s a pack of angry weasels inside of you every time you even think about peeing, and your urine stream will be discontinuous. Luckily, you can do something to ease the strain on the urinary tract and alleviate some of the pain. By milking your prostate, you’re effectively helping the swelling go down. 

However, bear in mind that just because you heard of prostate massages or have dabbled in anal play doesn’t mean you’re a health expert. Not all forms of prostatitis will benefit from prostate milking and may not heal Prostatitis issues

If you have acute bacterial prostatitis, you need antibiotics. No amount of shockingly delightful prostate orgasms will help you get rid of it. In fact, by stimulating the prostate, you’d be stimulating the blood flow to it and potentially spreading the bacteria everywhere. 

It Offers a Solutions for Erection Problems

If you’ve been one of the brave chaps that have been going through life battling erectile dysfunction, we salute you. If that’s the case, you probably already know all the medications and treatments by heart. However, prostate milking can also help with erectile issues. Some might think it’s quite convoluted to go about achieving strong erections and penile orgasms via the back door, but it works!

Here’s the thing — you can’t have an erection without increased blood flow. If there’s not enough blood in your southern region, all you have is a limp sack of sad man-pain. So the obvious solution would be to increase the blood flow somehow, right? Of course, that’s how penis pumps work after all. 

But before you start pumping, try milking. Prostate milking will not only increase the general blood flow, but it will also clear the prostatic ducts. It’s like sending your penis, as well as the reproductive and urinary tracts, on a huge cleansing. It’s bound to get the juices flowing, right?

It Diminishes the Chances of Swelling and Clogging of the Urinary Track

As mentioned, a swollen prostate is a no-good prostate. It tightens around the urinary ducts, makes it hard for us to pee, get an erection, and feel like the red-blooded men that we are! 

So if you noticed that your once steady stream of urine is now nothing but a piss-poor excuse that trickles out of you at a sad and painful pace, then you probably have a swollen prostate gland. Prostate milking can help alleviate the pressure.

Here’s the thing — if you’re someone who’s never dabbled in the “dark arts,” it’s reasonable to be apprehensive. But it’s worth mentioning that people who regularly stimulate their prostates don’t face urinary tract issues quite as often as people who don’t. That’s a pretty compelling argument to try prostate milking out.

But no matter how pressing your problem is, remember that you shouldn’t be (pressing, that is). In other words, a prostate massage should be a gentle affair. Go slowly and don’t push too hard, or you might make the problem worse. 

It Gives You the Best Orgasm You Ever Had

What’s at the end of the rainbow? In other words, what’s shoving a finger or a few up your butt going to give you? Well, the solution to your problem, whatever it was, for starters. But there’s also a shiny bonus in it for you — you’ll feel incredible while doing it.

It’s quite challenging to describe the intensity of a prostate orgasm to someone who has never experienced it. It’s a bit like having your whole body electrocuted in the most teasing, delicious, mind-blowing way. The waves of pleasure are so long and intense that you feel as if they’ll never stop. But once they inevitably do, you’re left feeling empty (but in a good way) and strangely enthusiastic. It’s like Christmas, your birthday, and all other holidays got together and decided to make a gift — for your dick!

One Last Question for the Road — Any Risks?

Of course, nothing is without risks. If all this talk about pleasure and orgasms got you overeager, let us stop you right now — a vigorous prostate massage can cause pain, bleeding, tearing, fissures, and hemorrhoids. When done right, yes, it will result in immense sexual pleasure that you’ll never forget. However, if you’re too rough or you go about it in all the wrong ways, you can severely injure yourself.

So if you think that prostate milking might be the answer to all your problems, get a lot of lube and set some time aside for exploring. The prostate isn’t that hard to find, but you might have issues stimulating it continually due to the angle. We recommend getting toys for butt work or asking a partner to lend you a helping hand (wink-wink). 

And remember — always put safety first, and if you’re doing this with a partner or sharing toys, make sure to use protection.