Can Prostate Milking Prevent Prostate Related illness?

Can Prostate Milking Prevent Prostate Related illness?

Prostate milking is essential for the good health of prostate gland. Milking is same as massaging and it’s the process were you stimulate your prostate for necessary fluid secretion. It’s true that a lot of men often associate prostate milking with homosexual pleasures or kinky fetishes- but it’s nothing like that. In fact, prostate milking is a very healthy practice and can even prevent prostate related illnesses.

Why is it healthy?

Do you know that prostate milking is even recommended by doctors? It’s to note here that the prostate gland stores certain kind of milky seminal fluid. If it can’t release these fluids on time, there will be toxin and bacteria build-up which will be harmful for your prostate health. Stagnant fluid in prostate is the cause of many prostate related illnesses. This is where prostate milking comes to the rescue.

Prostate milking helps to drain out the stagnant fluid from your prostate gland. This way it prevents the unwanted build up of toxins and bacteria in the gland and keeps the gland in good shape. Additionally, the milking process also encourages production of fresh fluid and active blood circulation in the organ. Improved circulation consequently enhances the efficacy of medicines and helps you to recover faster from the prostate-related illnesses.

Prostate milking is even linked to relationships. So grab your toys for butt work and improve your relationship now! Do it where your kids can”t see you. Just try bringing your plugs to hotels, it’s way safer! Some may even use dildos in milking their slaves, so do it now!

Conditions where prostate milking will help

There are several prostate related conditions where prostate milking can bring good relief. The most important of these are:

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common prostate related ailments observed in middle-aged men. But according to doctors, if you follow prostate milking regularly, you will be able to bypass the problem.


Prostatitis is a condition which is characterized by inflammation or swelling of prostate gland. An inflamed prostate gland narrows down the urethra which in turn leads to painful urination. Prostate milking has long been suggested by doctors to heal Prostatitis issues. Yes, you will definitely get antibiotics and other related treatments, but milking is the foremost treatment for the problem.

Painful ejaculation

Painful ejaculation is caused by fluid blockage issues in reproductive system. Stagnant fluid, if not drained for long, causes pain or discomfort in times of ejaculation. Timely prostate milking will lead to healthy stimulation of the prostate gland and will eventually flush out these stagnant fluids. So, if you ever experience painful ejaculation, try out prostate milking for some time for a smooth experience later.

Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know men have been using prostate milking & massaging since ages to treat ED issues? Yes, it’s true and you can confirm it from any doctor out there. As we have mentioned before, prostate milking, stimulates the gland, flushes out stagnant fluid and also improves blood circulation in the area. Improved blood circulation keeps your organs active and helps them to perform better. You have different kinds of ED treatments available today like pumps, implants or medications. But no matter whichever option you go for, you would have to continue prostate milking from time to time to keep ED problems at bay.

Problems in urine flow

The prostate gland is located around the urethra. Thus, if there is any inflammation or swelling in the gland, the urethra will be affected. In some cases, a swollen prostate may even simply cut off urine flow and it can be dangerous for the overall health of your body. Prostate milking will be helpful here. In most of the cases, inflammation in prostate is caused by stagnant fluid inside the gland. Now, when you will massage the area, the stagnant fluid will get flushed out. And it will eventually reduce the inflammation and normalize your urine flow.

Health benefits of prostate milking

Let’s have a look at the different health benefits assured by prostate milking

  • Helps to drain out stagnant seminal fluids from prostate gland that may otherwise lead to bacteria build-up and a swollen gland
  • Milking has proven to loosen stress and tension in both nerve endings and muscles in & around your prostate area. You will be rewarded with a calm and relaxed sensation after a smooth massage session
  • Milking helps to cleanse your prostate as well
  • It improves blood circulation in prostate gland as well as provides oxygen and nourishment to heal the organ
  • Timely prostate milking minimizes the need of masturbation and keeps threats of prostate cancer at bay
  • Milking also helps to fight issues of prostate enlargement and the prostate disorders arising from it
  • Prostate milking has even been found to address impotency issues in men. The massage therapy stimulates seminal fluid flow in the prostate gland & enhances circulation which eventually helps to get rid of impotency
  • Prostate milking helps to normalize the urine flow by reducing inflammation in prostate gland

How to do prostate milking

You can ask your doctor about how to do prostate milking. There are prostate massage therapists who can perform the massage on your body. But you can do the prostate milking yourself or with your partner as well. A lot of people massage with fingers. You must be careful to cut your nails and wash your hands properly before massaging.  But the best way to massage the gland is with a prostate massager. You will have to lubricate the massager well before inserting it inside your body. The massager will go inside the body and reach your prostate gland. Then you will have to clench pelvic muscles to perform the massage internally. Some prostate massagers come with handles for those who want to control the whole process by hand.

Just make sure to get a safe and high quality massager. The one you choose should be made from non-porous and FDA-approved materials only. Don’t forget to read the reviews and ratings before buying the massager. Prostate milking is not just to keep the prostate healthy. It is also used to stimulate the gland for an explosive orgasm. Some men prefer to enjoy vibration with the massage. If you too wish for the same, go for a massager with attached vibration button.