Welcome to Armsflow.org! We’re your hosts – as well as kinky fuckers – Coulton Reece and Kayla Briggs. Together, we founded this site. Coulton is a daddy dom and Kayla is a submissive baby girl. He’s a sadist. She’s a masochist. We’re both a little primal. We’re in a 24/7 D/s relationship and we talk about it in this blog!

We’ve known each other since 2014 and been a D/s couple since 2015. The first 18 months we were in a long-distance relationship with 520 miles between us. As of 2014, we moved in together and went 24/7 in our D/s relationship. We’re both bloggers although Kayla is much more active and Kayla is constantly trying to get him to blog more.

In late 2018 Kayla had the crazy idea to start a blog to reach out to a wider audience of kinksters. What was supposed to be a short blog each week with an opinion on some point of kink has blossomed into a full blast blog site with both Kayla and Coulton ranting, rambling, teasing, and sharing what we understand and believe about BDSM, kink, D/s, and relationships.

The amazing readers who stick around for the “bonus” portion each week are known as crickets—and we love our crickets. We’ve learned over the years that our blog draws experienced and new kinksters, single kinksters and people in D/s relationships. We hope there’s something for everyone here on the website that everyone can relate to.

Enough for the intro. We aim to guide every couple who are into kinks like we’re having. For sure, we will all have a good time in bed (or dungeon!). We will provide you with the best BDSM tips you can ever find, taking into consideration the factors that will make each one as realistic as it can be. Expect that the contents you will find here won’t be that difficult, much less impossible.

Please take a look around. Read the articles. Check out the resources. We want this to be a place to help you grow and learn in kink.