S&M: Why and how people like it

S&M: Why and how people like it

S&M: Pain and Pleasure

The internet has brought us the golden era of porn. Sure, it’s great for global communication and the exchange of information and news. But let’s face it — the best thing about the internet is porn. We no longer have to go to a local video rental store all red-faced, hoping nobody we know sees us. Everything is there, one click away. And the best thing about it? You don’t have to say what you’re into out loud to another person. Pornhub doesn’t yell out your search queries.

This has freed a lot of people in seeking exactly what they’re into. It has also proven to be incredibly eye-opening. Before the internet, the number of known kinks and fetishes was way lower. Today, you have a category for everything. One such category is S&M (sadism and masochism), and it’s a popular one! So what is orgasm torture, and why do people do it? Let’s take a look!

Orgasm Torture — What is it?

BDSM orgasm torture is any sexual behavior that revolves around the infliction of pain. For orgasm torture, you need to have two parties: one that likes pain (sub) and one that likes inflicting it (dom). Obviously, you can do it solo, but there are built-in mechanisms that stop us from actually hurting ourselves.

Orgasm torture is not only about the pain itself. Most commonly, it involves role-playing between a dominant and a submissive partner. Masochists get pleasure from the feeling of not being in control. They enjoy having someone else in charge of their body and mind. BDSM is more of a psychological thing than a physical one. Pain comes as a bonus sense, like a finger that wanders around the right place at the right time.

As always, the most important thing with any role play, mutual consent and communication is key. This is especially true when there’s pain involved. The sub must have a safe word they (it, to be in tune) can call upon if things get too painful.

Why people love being tortured

So why do people like it? This has been a topic of debate among psychologists and sexologists since the 18th century. It simply goes against natural logic. As humans, our psyche has its functions. Three of the most fundamental ones are obtaining control, maintaining self-esteem, and avoiding pain. So how come people get sexual arousal from being denied exactly that?

Explanations vary. Of course, Freud being Freud, he ties it to the Oedipus complex. However, today’s sexology finds that sexual torture doesn’t really deprive you of your dignity and the desire to control pain. Essentially, sexual masochists don’t crave pain more than the rest; they just like it contextualized. S&M play is always a ritual in which parties negotiate every element of it carefully.

The two most probable reasons for enjoying torture are association and relief. The first suggests that people may have experienced arousal during unrelated painful events and now associate the two. The other says masochists actually enjoy the relief that comes after pain infliction, which makes pain just a means to an end.

Types of torture play

There are different types of S&M plays, and masochistic people have their types. In other words, if you enjoy being spanked heavily, you may not enjoy other things. We’ve selected five of the most common torture play types to see what they consist of.

Ass torture

As you can see from the headings, these types revolve around the part of the body subs like getting meddled with. The most common one is ass torture. Here, we talk about both the gluteus and the anal canal. Obviously, the best-known version of ass torture is erotic spanking. We’ve all done it; we’ve all had it done to us. Some just take it up a notch.

Additionally, there are two common types of ass torture that reach your depths. Firstly, we have enema play. Subs who are into enema play enjoy water being injected into their rectum. Water is usually either hot or cold. Then, we have speculum play, which is the most extreme of the three. It uses a speculum, a medical device, to spread the sub’s asshole wide so that you can play hoops with it.

Breast torture

As you might expect, breast torture revolves around administering pain to your chest area — and no, it’s not only for women. Usually, people use sex toys, such as nipple clamps and breast clamps, to put pressure on the chosen area. If you lack the equipment, regular clothespins will do.

As we all know, nipples are a sensitive part of our bodies, and if you’re into pain, you’ll probably like your nipples played with. Aside from pinching them, you can also use hot wax to really get things going.

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Pussy torture

Now, this one is only for the girls. To get pleasure, women who are into pussy torture like to feel pain in and around their pussy. For example, one common way to get these bad girls off is by electrostimulation (a safe version of a taser). Other instances include caning, squeezing the lips, inserting oversized toys, and so on.

Cock and ball torture

Now, let’s talk about the guys. Clamps on the balls and kicks in the cock are what happens most often. Obviously, you shouldn’t overdo it with either as that area of the body is extremely sensitive. If you want to take it a step further, you should try some urethral play, such as cock sounding. A common CBT practice is post-orgasm torture. That’s when a dom continues to aggressively jack you off after you’ve come. Just the thought of it is tough to get through.

Tickle torture

In the end, we come to the seemingly most benign one. You just laugh through it, right? Well, not really. During tickling, laughing doesn’t indicate pleasure; it’s actually a panic reflex. In sexual terms, it usually includes the sub being tied down so that they can’t move. Then, the dom starts tickling them until they can’t take it anymore. It’s more torturous than it sounds. Not that we’d know.