What Is Doll Fetishism?

What Is Doll Fetishism?

There’s no doubt that we live in a more diverse world from what it was a couple of decades ago. For better or worse, we enjoy all sorts of things that were almost unthinkable back in the day. However, with the rise of the digital age and fast, reliable internet, obscure sexual content is just a click away. And since it’s 2021, we’d like to talk about an ever-growing obscure kink.

Our article aims to inform you about doll fetishism, what it’s all about, and how it functions in real-life. We’ll also mention similar kinks and how not to confuse them. Of course, we’ll make room for BDSM, porn, as well as other sexual content. So let’s delve into the amazing yet weird world of Barbie dolls, sex toys, and latex.

Doll Fetish

Like we’ve said, the world is full of all sorts of perversions. Almost everyone has something of sexual pleasure that turns them on in their own, unique way. And that’s great and all, but we’re not here to talk about mundane things like sexy uniforms or anal sex. We’re here to go the extra mile.

Namely, doll fetishism is a form of sexual kink where a person intimately enjoys actual dolls or similar objects like figurines. This fetish works in a couple of different ways, with some people enjoying actual intercourse with a doll. Yup, that’s right — some people have sex with lifeless figures. On the other hand, you have folks who find fantasies about encountering a live doll arousing. You know, pleasuring yourself to thoughts of having a relationship with a doll (animate or inanimate). 

Doll fetishism can also mean you enjoy the encounter between two different dolls. It means that people find pleasure in witnessing two Barbies in some kind of contact (sexual or not). And lastly, a person can be sexually aroused by being transformed or transforming others into actual dolls. This one involves people who get off at pretending they’re a motionless doll, all dressed up and holding a certain position.

This kind of fetish is actually a form of agalmatophilia, a paraphilia that involves sexual attraction and mannequins, statues, and other life-like objects. Some also call it Object sexuality, but you already get the point.

BDSM and Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls are adult toys that resemble humans with their shape and size. However, some dolls are just representations of different parts of the human body. They usually have male or female genitals, anus, and a mouth for the sexual satisfaction of the user. Depending on the type, these dolls can even vibrate and have removable parts.

These sexy mannequins aren’t a new creation by any means. They are from the 16th century when European sailors would use them during long trips. The first dolls were simple objects, made from parts of old clothes. There was no necessary attention to detail. In Japan, they call them “Dutch wives” since the Dutch would sell them between the 17th and 19th centuries.

It’s easy to mix sex dolls and robots. The thing is, robots can actually perform certain tasks and actions, while dolls are motionless. Nevertheless, dolls and BDSM have a somewhat connection because of the dominant and submissive nature of the one that controls the doll and the figurine itself. But we’ll get into BDSM stuff later on when we begin to talk about Dollification and some other things.

Other Ways to Satisfy Doll Fetishism

Just like with any other fetish, some people just won’t admit their sexual preference to something like dolls. It’s either that they don’t want to, or they feel shame because of social stigmas surrounding certain unorthodox sexual behaviors. Nevertheless, there are ways to satisfy a doll fetishism without them having and grooming an actual doll. One of these prominent ways is certainly porn.

The Barbie doll fetish genre of porn is as big and rich as most others. Content involving actors and actresses that look like latex dolls is on tube-like sites and generates large numbers of views. Although it’s not the same as having a doll of your own, it can provide enough material for fantasy and overall enjoyment. But porn isn’t the only thing that can compensate for your Barbie fetish.

Seeing how Japan is quite open to kinks like these, it’s no wonder you can get inflatable sex pillows over there. These “dakimakura” soft objects have prints of all sorts of characters like anime heroes, public figures, and even your favorite porn stars. Sure, it’s not the same, but it’s a worthy try for everyone who doesn’t want actual mannequins in their home.

But for those who’d like to go one step beyond, robots can be quite fun. You see, technology is so advanced nowadays, it’s almost like having a living doll around. However, it’s more expensive, but the end product is fascinating. Some of these realistic robots also resemble well-known porn stars and celebrities. It’s worth a shot, you know.


Although some argue doll fetish and Dollification are two different things, you can’t deny the obvious connection. Yup, both kinks/fetishes revolve around dolls. And as we already said, some people enjoy thoughts of being transformed or transforming others into their sex little Barbies. Well, that’s Dollification in its simplest form.

This kink is closely related to the BDSM culture (See how 50 shades of Grey is inaccurate). Namely, you have the maker and the doll. The two have a dominant/submissive relationship that can go both ways, depending on the narrative they employ. The look of the doll can be as simple, maybe some cute dresses like those actual toys wear, or go a bit further with surgeries for big eyes, breasts, and bottoms. Either way, there’s a clear exchange of power between the people involved.

However, their relationship doesn’t have to include sexual encounters between them. Sure, lots of them do have sex, but it isn’t essential for Dollification to work. Sometimes it’s just a performance like that of Kat Toronto (Miss Meatface), while at other times, it’s close to the Bimboification kink. The latter are the ones that go for surgery and implants to better resemble the famous Barbie doll.

Lastly, it’s important to mention consent and safe words that come with BDSM and doll fetishes. The thing is, dolls don’t speak, so they need to be creative in expressing how they feel. Some apply different meanings too, for example, different buttons on their doll dresses. So, one hand motion can say, “I feel good,” while the other can say, “Stop” without breaking the immersion.