Male Chastity for Starters – Why You Must Read Every Word of This Guide

Male Chastity for Starters – Why You Must Read Every Word of This Guide

In the BDSM context, “male chastity” means the following: The penis is locked in a special cage that prevents the man from getting a full erection or using the penis for sex. Masturbation and orgasms are excluded while wearing. Only the chosen “key holder” can remove the cage. Most men bend at the mere thought, but others make the idea hot. Some say that refusing orgasm increases libido and improves your ability to concentrate. Of course, the practice also represents an increase in the dome-sub-relationship where a lord or mistress can punish the sub by denying him not only sex but also the ability to have an orgasm. Here is the male chastity guide we did in agreement with Hopefully, this will give you the entire why and how details.

Of course this is not a fetish for people who just want a pinch of BDSM. Not only does it change the life of the trapped, it also means great responsibility for the key holder. It is normal for the wearer to be uncomfortable with the cage, but in serious cases, a poor or poorly applied cage can cause serious injury. In such a case, the key holder must be able to remove the device immediately.


To find out more about what drives people with this fetish, we talked to three men about their experiences with chastity cages. Two of the men are gay, the third is bisexual, but that does not mean there are no hetero-men standing on these cages. It just means that the heteros we addressed for this article did not dare. All names have been changed.

What was it like when you first wore a cage?

It was an educational experience. I first had to learn how to handle it and sleep through the night. On the first try I only wore the CB-3000 for one day. You have to get used to it. I could not sleep that night, so I took it off and waited a bit, groping my way. Everyone gets erections in their sleep, but the cages are made so that you cannot get an erection, so you wake up and find out how to get rid of them. I did not really know how. First I showered cold, but then I realized that you just have to pee and everything is good.

What do you like best?

Most of all, I like the aspect that you cannot have an orgasm. It’s like giving something up. I like it when someone has some control over me and, for example, commands what to wear. Chastity is an extension of that. I give that up for someone, hand it over to him. I let him decide. I remember I bought high-top chucks at school back then because it was like a mild form of bondage when the ankle was so wrapped up. My concern is to put on something that is sexy and that people do not know about.

What surprised you most about the experience with the cage?

It’s a lot of work. If you’re reading a story or watching porn, it looks sexy all the time, but you have to clean the cage every day, you have to be careful that you trim your hair so they do not get caught in it, you have to watch out for the toilet once I was in a public toilet and I had urine everywhere. I stood because I did not realize that you have to sit down when locked up. It was a total mess it was on my pants, my jacket, just everything.

What advantages does the chastity cage bring you?

I often have less desire for sex than my partners, so I’ve found that I’m getting a little bit more up to speed. Especially at the university, I just got me down to get it over with. Locking him up now makes it somehow a bit unattainable and interesting. The cage brings out my sub-page, and the night after you just want to snuggle up and enjoy closeness.

How did you get in touch with the chastity scene?

The first time I met someone to play with, I was 19. Almost at first, he put me in a chastity device. It was a metal cage, and I was so agitated that I could not become flabby enough to even put it on. It was the first time I had anything to do with a man, except for a little petting and touching feet with a guy from college. I was in the cage for maybe five hours the first time. It was Christmas Eve, and when I got home, I had to hide the imprints of the handcuffs on my wrists.

Why did you feel attracted to the fetish at all?

I’m definitely into games that involve the senses in a kinky way. In chastity, there is this sense of being enclosed; your cock is completely enclosed. This reinforces my fetish headspace that I’m inferior, a fag who does not deserve to come, who needs to show where it’s at. That’s what I really wanted, my sexual fantasy.

Chastity offers me that because you cannot have penetrative sex there. To be impotent in this regard is extremely exciting for me. There is definitely an aspect of feminization that I really like. I like that you cannot pee while standing and use a urinal. Somehow you destroy the hetero-patriarchy a bit. At the time I’m in a public restroom and need to sit down cause of the cage, it’s like stating. In real life I’m pretty ambitious and extroverted. But that means that I also have an opposite side. This site wants to see me restricted and submissive.

It is important to me that bondage is really serious and at the same time functional and practical. Chastity fulfills these conditions for me. It is very difficult for me to build the necessary level of trust with someone so that I allow him to be my key holder. Mostly I am my own key holder. When I give my key to somebody, I want him to have complete control of the situation and not give me any option to get out. Subs often have to earn a dignified position or a symbol at their collar or a badge, but in chastity the dome has to earn the responsibility of having my key. But what nobody says: If you make enough effort, you can get out of things on your own.

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Why Shaving or Trimming Your Pubic Hair Can Help Before Wearing a Cock Cage

To be frank, shaving or trimming your lower bush isn’t necessary, but it makes a huge difference. And there’s a reason why most of us think you should do it if you’re up for some penis cage action. So let’s not waste our time with useless tips, and let’s get into one of the most important aspects of wearing a cage.

Chastity belts come from different materials, and no matter what they’re made of, they’re not comfortable for any newbie. Therefore, shaving for a cock cage could affect your first use in a good way. Because just like overestimating yourself and getting a chastity cage that’s too small, not trimming your genitals can make a problem.

It’s easy to understand that a combination of a stainless steel contraption and a stuck pubic hair make for a very unpleasant experience. And if you’re a bit too hairy, just imagine what a strand of curly whiskers would do to you.

How Long Should You Wear a Chastity Belt If You Are a Beginner?

One of the most prominent questions you can hear in the world of BDSM, orgasm denial, and male chastity devices are: “What’s the usual period of time of wearing a cock cage for a beginner?” Well, don’t worry; it’s simple.

As long as you feel comfortable and safe, you can wear it, which means that even long-term chastity is possible if the device fits properly. To further explore this topic, you can read our article on when to upgrade your chastity device here. Of course, maintaining genital hygiene is essential for such use.

But beginners would want more precise details, and we’ve got them. Start wearing it for a few hours at first, then gradually increase the time this sex toy stays on your willy. The step-by-step tempo is always recommended.

Thinking about cock rings and tubes like marathons can be helpful. To deliver a perfect performance in a long race, the runner needs to build up his stamina first. And just like that, a perfect sex slave will be born. To delve deeper into the advantages of choosing chastity underwear, you may find this article of ours enlightening.

Should You Sleep Wearing a Cock Cage If You Are a Beginner?

Sleeping while the cock cage is on can be a bit tricky for newbies. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible and forbidden. It’s just important you know what you’re doing before you go into it with high hopes. Hence, let’s talk a bit about it.

First and foremost, being comfortable with your chastity device while awake is the starting point for sleeping with a locked cock. Again, overestimating yourself can prove to be your downfall when it comes to chastity play.

Once you’re all OK with going on with your day while wearing such a contraption, you should prepare your bed for those lonesome nights in prison. It’s important to immediately say that sleeping in all positions is out of the question. Consider laying on your back, as this is the only sure way of not putting pressure on your cage.

Also, adding more pillows to your bedsheets will help. Surrounding yourself with more soft and tender stuff is essential. And, of course, we need not mention that if you begin waking every hour or so, consider stopping. Fatigue is not part of the game, as well as unwanted pain and discomfort.

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