The Upside To Choosing Chastity Underwear For Your Partner

The Upside To Choosing Chastity Underwear For Your Partner

Leading a life of chastity underwear is a perpetual path that requires guidance as well as encouragement. To help young Catholics on this challenging journey, the Bishops’ Commission for the Doctrine of the Conference of Catholic Bishops would like to show their solidarity with them. So she offers a few words of instruction and support.

Living chastity today


Our sexuality and our spiritual life are intimately connected. The chaste man integrates sexuality into his personality and thus expresses his inner unity as a body-spirit being. The chaste man has the ability to relate to others in a truly human way, according to his personal state of life: living alone, married or in the devotee’s celibacy.

To live the high caliber of chastity is to place our wish for sexual pleasure over the direction of purpose and faith. This happens to be one of the keystones of the temple of our body, a pillar of right life. This leads to wholeness and unity, to individuals, couples and society.

The virtue of chastity carries within it the integration of the forces of love and life that are implanted in us. This integration secures the unity of the person and is contrary to any kind of behavior that disfigures them. Chaste people tolerate neither a double life nor the duplicity of the “language” of their bodies.

Living chastity is no easy task in the sex-saturated world of our contemporary Western culture. It is impossible to walk through a mall, to look at the computer or the television, to look at advertisements, or to look around a bookstore without being bombarded with sexual images of any kind. Pornography has never been more prevalent, almost too epidemic proportions. It obscures the authentic sexual expression and promotes masturbation, sexual intimacy outside marriage and the separation of life-giving and love-giving meaning of sexual relations.

The challenge of chastising under these circumstances is hard for anyone, whether living alone, married or God-begotten. The world around us promotes distorted notions about our body and our relationships ideas that can cause people to lose their balance and allow harmful beliefs to gain influence over sexuality.

Chastity for individuals

For people who are not married, chastity means comprehensive abstinence because it is the design of God that sex belongs in marriage. When two people come together for a date, chastity makes it possible for them to focus on what is important and avoid “using” each other. There are also devices that one can utilize in staying chaste. One of the most famous devices is chastity underwear. This device was even identified as the most in-demand chastity device by Together they can see what authentic love means and learn to express their feelings in a mature way. Chastity emphasizes the mutual love of a couple and expresses: “I want to be patient and pure and I respect you”. This means to save the sexual expression of love exclusively for his spouse.

Chastity for married people

Sexuality becomes genuinely human when it is fully integrated into the relationship of two people to each other, in the complete and lifelong mutual devotion of a man and a woman. Pope John Paul II wrote: “Only the chaste man and the chaste woman are capable of faithful love.” That is, married people are also called to be chaste when they are devoted to one another in true love.

Married people who live chaste can have a living sex life. In the relationship of a man and a woman, chastity helps one to love one another more than a person rather than to make the other the object of pleasure or satisfaction. Contrary to what the media or Hollywood suggest, the value of sexual intercourse is not relaxation or physical enjoyment. Every bodily pleasure should lead to the highest expression of love between husband and wife, the perfect self-surrender of one person to the other.

God devotees’ chastity and celibacy

GOD calls some women and men in the Church to a life of chastity for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. This charisma brings with it the renunciation of marriage and is destined to bring one closer to God. In the imitation of Christ and His mother, God-ordained virginity is a gift of God for those “to whom it is given”. Accordingly, the priests of the Church make a promise of celibacy before the diaconal ordination.

Even those who are called to live the life of God-consecrated virginity or celibacy still struggle to be chaste in thought, attitude, and behavior. Chastity is meant to create “space” that frees the human heart so that it burns in love with God and all humanity. However, if the decision to celibate is not well integrated into the whole of personal life, it can lead to egocentricity. The God-consecrated and celibate life is a “yes” to love that is of those who are called to live with passion and enthusiasm.

How Chastity Cages Can Help With Your Man’s Libido

When it comes to libido and chastity, these stainless steel contraptions work wonders for your sex life. One might ask: “How is that possible?” Well, we know it sounds strange that restricting yourself from sex makes for better intercourse, but hear us out on this.

Wearing a chastity cage for some time will make the dullest and most ineffective males horny monsters. Being subjected to no erections, and therefore no masturbation and ejaculation, guys will crave for some hot action once the contraption comes off. It’s simple — forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest.

It’s like reverse psychology. Take something away from the person, and they will crave to get it back. Even if they never gave a damn about it in the first place.

On the other hand, oversexed guys who can’t control their need for pleasure can level down if they use a cock cage. It can help them focus on other things in life. For example, their family, job, or everyday chores they neglected before.

At first, they might find it hard, but with time they’ll feel like a new challenge is in front of them. It’s all about experiencing something new that’ll catch your eye and keep you focused on one another.

Can a Cock Cage Improve Your Relationship?

Just like any sex toy out there, penis cages can serve a great purpose for all those relationships that lost that initial spark. It’s not strange to hear stories about couples breaking up and marriages ending because of bad sex. Fortunately, chastity play is here to light the old flame as bright as it once was.

Keeping your hubby locked long term will make him go crazy for you, once his dick gets a jail free card. Metal cages restrict their penises from getting erect, and by doing so, they up the libido in men.

But from a woman’s perspective, they offer something completely different. It’s not only that he’ll want to fuck your brains out once he’s loose, but it’s also the fact that a male chastity belt reverses the traditional roles. A chastity lifestyle puts the female in control of her man. Moreover, they become the key holders, keeping his junk safe and unexposed to the world.

Although to improve a relationship with a cock cage is not a joke. Going for such a lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

Therefore, don’t expect it will work for all of us. It’s only for the people that enjoy domination and submission. That’s the essence of wearing the cock cage, and if you don’t see yourself in those roles, try finding something new.