The Dos and Don’ts of Food Play

The Dos and Don’ts of Food Play

The Most Delicious Kink — When Adults Play With Their Food

We’ve been told ever since we were kids not to play with our food. But is that really the way you want to go through life? Do you want to play it safe and have a boring sex life? Of course not.

We all know what food play is (in theory). We’ve all seen the movies in which the protagonist confidently whips a whipped cream can from behind their back and smirks at their partner suggestively. Then they jump into bed and… the movie cuts to the next morning?

Yeah, Hollywood really left us high and dry there.

Food play is one of the most delightful kinks. It’s also something that beginners can experiment with. You don’t need any complicated equipment, and you can start small (with the aforementioned whipped cream, for example).

Using food during sexy times makes us feel like the biggest hedonists ever. It’s decadence at its finest. But is there more to food play than simply pouring stuff on your partner and then licking it off?

What Is Food Play Really?

Food play is anything that mixes food and sex. It is using food items in sexually charged situations or in a sexual context.

But people usually have lots of questions. Do all food items qualify? Isn’t it wet and messy? How do people even do it?

Well, yes, yes, it is wet, and it most definitely will be messy. Those crisp white sheets will need a thorough wash after a food play session.

But that’s kind of the point.

Food play is supposed to be something that stands out and differs from your average (boring) routine. It’s something you do when you want to spice things up.

Food turns foreplay from a “get on with it” into a “gimme more” situation. And do we really have to tell you how specific food items can help you up your oral game? We don’t, but we will!

Oral sex isn’t something everyone enjoys or excels in. However, food can make it more enjoyable for both parties. Although we’re sure your partner dutifully licks you in all the right places anyway, a bit of whipped cream, chocolate, or honey might make them just a tad more dedicated. See these Oral Sex Tips from Cosmopolitan.

Luscious Food Items You Can Use in the Bedroom

Of course, not all food items qualify for food play. Some of them are simply impractical, while others are potentially dangerous (nobody should try food play with a prickly, smelly Durian, for example).

However, if we set those common-sense precautions aside, the question of which food items are the right choice for food play can be answered in different ways because pleasure is subjective. Still, there are a few fan-favorites, of course.

When it comes to foods that you can use for food play, the list is long but not endless. Some things are a better fit than others. Sweet items will probably be a better choice than savory ones, but again, it’s all about what you and your partner enjoy. There’s no rulebook saying you have to do something or mustn’t do something else.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Kink is all about going wild and trying something new. So if you’re into the idea of food play, try it with one of these items:

  • Chocolate — Just like whipped cream, chocolate sauce is everyone’s go-to for food play. It’s decadent and addictive — what’s not to love?
  • Popsicles — Popsicles provide different sensations. They are cold but get gradually warmer and stickier as you play.
  • Strawberries — The sexiest of fruits, strawberries are ideal for food play because they are small enough not to be too messy and yet delicious enough to give you a burst of flavor.
  • Honey — Another sirup-y option to consider if you’re not a fan of chocolate. However, keep in mind that honey can be really sticky.
  • Frozen fruit — If you don’t have any popsicles at hand, freeze some small fruit like grapes and use them to tease your partner.
  • Sushi — There’s something highly erotic about eating sushi off of your partner’s body. It’s not for everyone, and you should definitely avoid the spicy stuff, but it’s worth giving it a go.
  • Soft cheeses — People who don’t eat sweets don’t need to feel left out. You can always substitute fruit and candy for soft cheeses. Throw some crackers and wine in, and you’ll be taking wining-and-dining to a whole other level!
  • Grapefruit — The infamous grapefruit blowjob technique is definitely something to consider in the bedroom. It’s not too messy, and it makes the blowjob more enjoyable for both parties.
  • Champagne — Champagne is inherently sexy, which is what makes it a perfect addition to the bedroom. See how Champagne affects sex.
  • Parsley — If you don’t have any feathers to tease your partner, use parsley instead!

Things to Keep In Mind — The No-Nos of Food Play

Although food play is usually a blast, there are some precautions when it comes to using food for foreplay and sex to keep in mind.

You probably noticed that some exceptionally phallic fruits and vegetables aren’t on our list. Bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis, corn, ginger, and similar items can all double as dildos. However, we don’t recommend inserting anything breakable into yourself.

Do you know the first rule of insertable sex toys is that they should have a flared base? Well, these items don’t. If you pick the wrong size (or overly ripe produce), you might end up in the emergency room.

What’s more, genitals are highly absorbent. That means that they will absorb food particles and the chemicals the produce has been treated with.

The same goes for foods that fall into the extreme category. Anything that’s too spicy, too hot, or even too sweet can irritate your skin (or other, more delicate, parts of you).